Manual Machinist

POSITION: Machinist

capable of taking a piece of bar stock or casting and machining it into a finished part.


Makes all set-ups on tooling and machine.
Able to run all machines in the shop efficiently.
Must understand materials, cutting tools, speeds and feeds, coolant requirements and machining techniques.
Uses shop math through trigonometry.
Machines parts one at a time, but with production techniques.
Machines from prints and can make from samples.
Re-machine parts to repair them and still maintain critical dimensions.
Responsible for personal safety and those around him/her. Maintains excellent housekeeping standards.
Participates in Safety, Quality and Activities Committees (if applicable).
Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge/Experience in the following equipment:
Horizontal Lathe
Vertical turret lathe
Bridgeport type milling machine
Horizontal boring mill
Overhead crane
CNC Machines

Don't Be Fooled

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